Our Ministry

Smooth and Kelly began partnering with Arise Africa International 12 years ago through short-term mission trips with Rick Via Ministries.

Now they work full-time with Arise Africa. Arise Africa International’s mission is to preach Christ (1 Cor. 1:23), to reach the lost (Daniel 12:3), and to plant and help new churches grow in Christ, spiritually, numerically, and economically.

Specifically, Pastor Godfrey Wanamitsa (Director of AAI) has asked Smooth to lead and develop several areas of ministry:

  • Pastor’s Training Program 
    Smooth works not only to train pastors, but also in developing a full course of study for all AAI pastors and other church leaders in doctrine, theology, ethics, and ecclesiology.
  • Youth Ministries Training
    Almost 50 percent of Uganda’s population is 14 years or younger, and the need for reaching the younger generation is great. Therefore, Arise Africa has also asked Smooth to make training youth pastors and lay leaders in how to reach and disciple young believers.
  • Church Planting
    AAI has over 200 churches around the country. Most of them are in very remote areas. AAI has asked Smooth to plant their very first “town” church in Jinja, reaching the people of the city.
  • American and Western World Communications
    AAI has many partners around the world that help through short-term missions efforts, financial aid, donations, etc. Cultural and connectivity issues often cause communication problems. Smooth and Kelly operate as a sort “liaison” between AAI and the western world.